Cure hair loss now at home in 2021

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CURE HAIR LOSS is one of the common question these days.HAIR LOSS IS a natural phenomenon in which often 100 to 150 hair strand falls everyday . However if you are losing hair at every comb ;then you need to worry and pay little bit attention toward it BUT WAIT !!! you have to decide first , that do you want to cure your hair loss at home by taking some necessary steps or by booking expensive appointments to doctors .

cure hair loss

Okay, lets get started Towards the journey to cure hair loss

There are actual some of the main causes which makes our hair strand falls listing as below :

DIET , MINERAL DEFICIENCY ,STRESS ,POLLUTION AND of course GENETICS will not let us to cure hair loss .

Some of the tips for long, thick, shinny hairs

1.*DIET: Your diet plays a vital role in the hair growth .Manage your diet .Females often suffer from deficiency of iron due to menstrual cycle which results into iron deficiency resulting into ANEMMIA which results into hair loss


EGGS : contain protein which is GREAT for our hair skin and for our nails. SPINACH: these includes a great portion of IRON ,ZINC , which is like boon for our growth and aids to cure hair loss at very great pace . BEANS is a great plant based protein ,essential to hair growth ; contains zinc.It also helps to cure hair loss

BERRIES :this is wonderful fruit as it not only makes our hair healthy bur also makes our skin healthy ,glowing , brightening because of VITAMIN C. FATTY FISH : fishes are great source of protein , also sea food is boon for our hair, skin , bones . ADDING NUTS such as walnuts ,SEEDS as flax seeds ,pumpkin seeds, Sunflower seeds , OYSTERS , SOYABEAN is a great combination of vitamins and minerals to provide other health benefits too .

SOME OF THE SUPPLIMENTS which are not eaten in adequate amount but are necessary to cure hair loss are listed below :

BIOTIN : it is also known as VITAMIN H , or vitamin B7 is important for the cells inside your body which gives you energy and makes your gut healthy . ZINC :zinc also plays an important role for making entire process fast.

2.WASH YOUR HAIR REGULARLY WITH MILD SHAMPOO : washing our hair regularly or twice a week is important to cure our hair loss as this will keep away the pollution and will not let the flakes or dandruff come along ; HOWEVER keep in mind to use SULPHATE FREE shampoo or MILD SHAMPOO which will for sure increase the growth of your hair and will further protect it from being damaged YOU CAN INVEST IN SOME GOOD QUALITY SHAMPOO FOR EXAMPLE :

3.AVOID USING EXCESSIVE HEAT PRODUCTS : heating the hair may leads to some serious issues which can further deteriorate the length and the quality of our hair .It can make them thin .USE of CHEMICAL products SUVH AS KERTAIN , SMOOTHINIG ,REBOUNDING Can permanently damage our hair .

4.OILING YOUR SCALP TWICE IN A WEEK :using good oils such as coconut oil, almond oil, castor oil, olive oil ,tea tree oil will boost the hair roots therefore making them strong and shinning . It is essential to cure hair loss as it make them more strong roots and will definitely boost the growth. ADDING VITAMIN E CAPSULE into your daily intake will be better.



Exercise plays an important role to cure hair loss at home you have to exercise 3 times a week to have a great results along with diet . it will not only keep you fit and fine but also makes your skin glowing and keep out of rich from obesity and other chronic diseases such as weight gain, PCOS cardiovascular high BP and so on .BE stress free !! DO MEDITATION to be more focused . BE goal oriented .

6.FENUGREEK SEEDS (METHI SEEDS ) : Grind the soaked METHI seeds and make a thick paste then Use that METHI seeds mixed with ONION JUICE will make it best of hair growth .JUST make a onion juice 2 tablespoon along with castor oil , coconut oil ,olive oil and with vitamin capsule and you will be amazed to see the results . DO IT TWICE a week .it would be able to provide all the nutrition to your scalp making your problems solution permanently .

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